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Once upon a time...
by Ricc Sabba

Once upon a time there reigned the darkest dark. Nothing could be seen. People could just grope about,
but this made only the inhabitants of Smooch Country happy. The others, all of them,
kept on bumping agaist hard and mysterious corners. As they couldn't see anything whatsoever,
none of them could ever imagine anything either. Time went by in a darkness as dark as the darkest dark itself,

until a magician, himself a boozer, after some swaying, fell in the arms
of a sweet-voiced fairy. The magician's mirth grew irrepressible and burst
into a happiness that changed him into a sphere of light. And it was suddenly day. The air was flooded
with colours and light began drawing the things of the world and every single thing acquired its shape and fancy
was born, imagination was born, and it began multiplying the shapes of every single object a thousand times.
Tired with this first day of light, the magician retired with his fairy, and the fairy
filled the magician's night, and she filled the night of the world. With her gossamery veils and a lunar filter,
she made things immaterial: she divided the waves over the seas, the trees on the mountains. And all things

got a different shape and fancy multiplied things' other shapes a thousand times over.
Since then life has been bursting with images.

(Translated by LPV - lpv@tiscali.it)

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