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Riccardo Sabbadini

This book was published in November 1999. Grounded on small news items it shows and comments on situations which have changed by now. In particular, the glass partitions at Pietro Nenni Bridge (ponte P. N.? lascio uguale?), that is the underground, have all been replaced and are now kept watch on by several tvcameras. Perhaps I should photograph those very cameras today to give evidence in one more chapter of my “Bacilli”.
Also at Anzio railway station things have improved, at least partly so.

Rome. Pietro Nenni Bridge, the underground bridge, crosses the Tiber in a very central area of the city....

Here “The imbeciles' bacilli” reveal themselves, those testimonials of senseless actions, without any prospects, any taste and, in the end, without any final consequences on the object that suffered them.
I'm not speaking of the “brush” performances of the so-called writers. These too could be considered part of the imbeciles' performances but shooting is quite a different matter.
Right, someone goes onto that bridge and tries out his gun...

Well, you are invited to imagine yourselves on that very bridge, downtown, you are armed (and this in itself induces anxiety)... and you fire against the partitions...
Just tell me, how are you? feeling well?

Anzio. Railway station. Here are “The lost men's Bacilli”. It's like being in one of Dante's circles of Hell. To the rounds against the panes you have to add the black (soot) of small fires. The ceiling, where reachable, has been smashed in. The graffiti on the walls cover one another up to an absolute hotchpotch. Black prevails...

These works have no perpretators either, but they don't convey a sense of imbecility, rather one of death.

Shall I ask you to identify with the authors? Looks rather a form of sadism.

Monte Mario Park in Rome. These bacilli lurk in a completely different environment.
They are especially dangerous as they can find those who approve of and support them. They are “the bully's bacilli”...

Monte Mario has been there since time immemorial. Forgotten for ages, later “rescued” thanks to the Park, now it is perhaps going towards its end.
A very very long stretch of concrete has been running through it for some days now. The works for the Jubilee have made many a building contractor jubilant.
And even Monte Mario has had its share of concrete. The strip is about twelve centimeters thick, three metres wide, in some places even more, about two kilometres long... .

The view was there before, the park with its paths of grass and trodden earth isn't there anymore.
We'll have to dress our children with helmets and knee pads when on the trike: try and fall on the concrete... we'll go back to it then.

...o nature, nature! Of all the circumstances I'm considering, this is probably the only one that has those very bacilli as are described in the dictionary, but once again it's not them I'm interested in.
The evidence of the “Bacilli of shits” is especially present in the residential areas of the city, where higher is the number of dogs, and in the streets leading to parks and public gardens.
It is said that those who own a dog have an extra something... their life is richer... a dog somehow spurs human kindness...
But when the dog leaves a shit in the middle of the road, that's the end of it all. And there are so many who, through their dogs, leave memory of themselves on the pavements.

(how do you feel in this guise? ... the least said about it the better)

Yet more bacilli. Of overturned dumpsters you can see quite a number.

A few, empty, leave room for any hypothesis.
The full ones have a remarkable weight.
And you happen to see them overturned by 180, literally upside down.

In the transference I'm asking you for, I do hope you won't find any help from your friends.

The bacilli I've shown and collected in these pages have all been taken in Rome and its environs.
The reason why is that I live in this city. I rule out the possibility of their being a perquisite of this city.
We need many wishes, ever so many, irrespective of the year 2000.

Riccardo Sabbadini
60 pages
Format: 18,5x19 cm
Genre: fotografic
Illustrations: thirtyeight photos by the author himself.
Language: Italian

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